project management process

Whether your company is a 5 person startup or 500 employee enterprise, it is never too early or too late to get organized. We will help you determine what are your project management needs and help establish a foundation for a solid project delivery

Evaluation and implementation of the appropriate project delivery approaches

Determination of the need and the implementation plans for the Project Management Office

Assessment of the organizational project reporting needs

Project execution process improvement determination and implementation

project consulting services portland
project consulting services portland

project review and recovery

Sometimes things do not go according to plan and the team needs to step back and assess new options. We are here to facilitate the process of change and help you find optimal project path

Project risk assessments

Project review and lessons learned facilitation

Project status assessment and development of exit and/or recovery plans


project team structure and operations

There is no one project methodology that assures 100% success. We will assess your project portfolio and help you organize your teams and set processes for project delivery that works for your company


Project team assessment and restructure planning and implementation

Prioritization and organization of assignments and projects to maximize business value

Implementation of the project delivery methodologies (Agile, Waterfall, Custom) based on the business needs and organizational structure assessment